2019 RATES

Our clean and comfortable cabins range in size from one room with bath to 5 bedrooms with two full baths. They are well equipped with propane ranges, electrical refrigerators, all linens and towels, cooking utensils, dishes, cutlery and propane heat. You need to bring only your groceries and personnel items to be all set up in your vacation "Home".


We now have wireless Internet service in the cabins, and a computer with Internet access in our lounge for use by our guests.

Trailer Parking

2 people, per day$35.00


Per person, per day$15.00
Hookups for electricity and water, central showers.

Cabins - Summer Rates

Summer rates in Canadian  FUNDS and are subject to applicable taxes.

We accept US or Canadian cash,  personal checks, VISA, Mastercard and AMEX

Cabin #1 & 2 Housekeeping Cabin Open plan with kitchen,

            dining and sleeping areas, attached full bath. Accommodates 3.

1 Adults, per week$500.00
2 Adults, per week$620.00

Cabin #9  Housekeeping Cabin Open plan kitchen, dining

            and living areas, 2 bedrooms, full bath.  Accommodates 4.

2 Adults, per week$740.00
4 Adults, per week$980.00

Cabin # 10  Housekeeping Cabin   Kitchen with dining area, separate living

            area, 2 bedrooms, full bath.  Accommodates 6.

2 Adults, per week$760.00
4 Adults, per week$1000.00

Cabin # 8 Housekeeping Cabin Open plan kitchen dining

            and living areas, 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Accommodates 12.

Up to 6 Adults, per week$1,450.00

Each additional Adult, per week              $120.00

Children 6 to 12 years, per week               $60.00

Children under 6 years                             No Charge

Daily pricing available.

Cabins - Winter Rates

Housekeeping Cabin, per person, per day$60.00 USD

Boat and Motor Rentals
Boats:14 ft, per day27.50

16 ft, per day32.50
Motors:3.3hp,per day32.50

25hp, per day52.50

30hp, per day57.50
Boat & Motor:

16ft boat & 25hp motor, per day85.00

16ft boat & 30hp motor, per day95.00

18ft boat & 40 hp motor, per day120.00

You may bring your own boat if you desire.

Launching and docking per week, personal boats               50.00

Canoes - per day                                     15.00  

Complimentary use of canoes for our registered guests

Gasoline and ice available at the Kakagi Lake dock.
Soft drinks, groceries, souvenir hats, phone cards, candy, sundries and ice cream are available in the Lodge.

* $200.00 deposit is required when booking a cabin. 

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